Microsoft makes its Web Design tool FREE

Today, everyone has a blog. Everyone knows how to design a website (atleast with the right tools).

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer (c) MicrosoftTo support this new era, Microsoft is making available its web design tool FREE for everyone. This free tool (called Sharepoint Designer 2007 or SPD) has been made available at to download. Sharepoint Designer is successor of the FrontPage tools that many of the people  are already aware of. In addition, this tool has excellent support for customizing the FREE SharePoint Services app that comes with Windows Server.

One might think that by releasing this software for free, Microsoft may be abandoning Sharepoint Designer. However, that’s not true. Sharepoint Designer will continue its development and next version will be released in the future.

While SPD is free, Microsoft also has a professional suite of web design tools available – Expression Web.

Lately Microsoft has been making available many of its tools available for FREE e.g. SQL Server Express, Visual Studio 2008 Express, Live Essentials, PhotoSynth, Accounting Express, Virtual PC, WW Telescope, Windows Defender, Windows Sysinternals and many more. IMHO, you can run your complete business with the above set of free products from Microsoft – NOT a penny to spend on MS software…


Abhishek said…
Thats grat pice of news...I was waiting for this for a long time.Thanks for sharing this post
Suraj Berwal said…
That is wonderful..front page was good I believe sharepoint is more advanced...let me dirty my hands and find out what its like...
Don said…
Yeh people tried it but they prefer to give it some time before its user feedback comes in the market.Not that top of notch kind a thing though

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