Gaming monster comes to India – Dell Alienware range

alienwaremachineFor all you PC gamers out there, there is reason to rejoice. The internationally acclaimed Alienware range is here in India!

Dell has launched its Alienware M17x and this represents premium performance in the Dell consumer product portfolio.  On to some specs of the the 17” monster:

  • Up to Dual 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280M graphics processing units (GPUs)2 with SLI™ technology
  • Configurable with Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme Quad-core overclockable Mobile Processor1
  • Up to 8GB DDR32 1333MHz Memory
  • 1TB3 7200RPM or 512GB of Solid State Storage Capacity (Raid 0)
  • Optional Beyond HD resolution with a WUXGA 1200p (1920 x 1200) Edge-to-Edge LCD design
  • Internal Wireless a/g/draft-n with MIMO (2x2) Technology
  • AlienFX Illuminated Keyboard
  • NVIDIA GeForce® 9400M G1 GPU with HybridPower™ technology
  • Microsoft Windows Vista® (64 bit) [and free upgrade to Win 7 on availability]

IMAGE_013 My first impression of the machine was – it looks intimidating and big. With its alien face logo, front illuminated “bonnet” and lighted keyboard it reeks of aggression that gamers would dig. The size of the machine is not small either and it easily beats my Lenovo T61p in thickness. The machine is not light either. It is definitely something that you can’t be carrying around anywhere (i think this beast weighs over 5 kgs). So this fits more into desktop replacement category rather than portables.

The machine I got to play with had Vista Home Premium (64 bit) and scored a rating of 5.7 out of a max of 7.9. My existing workhorse T61p scores 5.1. The limiting factor in the rating was the hard disk score. So, my recommendation would be to go for 500GB SSD if you are going to buy this m/c.

If there is anything that I found lacking on the machine, it was the track pad on the device that wasn’t as responsive as one would expect it to be.IMAGE_012 Also, the body of the machine could have been given a better feel. currently it feels “plastic” like.

So, if you are enamored by this powerhouse you will need to shell out INR 1,40,000 + taxes. OK. I never said this was going to be cheap either! At this rate, it is only affordable for a serious gamer..

Alienware is the ferrari (on second thoughts – ford mustang) of the gaming world. Blazing with muscles second to none, it is a device that gets you the look!


amit said…
I think a person can assemble a similarly powerful PC & chop off a lot from that price! I mean for about the price of 1.5 lacs CHIP mag guys made the fastest PC in India last year which was a monster in performance! :)
suraj said…
BHai saab...add an entry for twitter fest..:P-)...waiting to see the updates...
Neetu Sharma said…
Waiting to get my hands on to it,if only to get a feel of it ;) I like playing games and this seems to be one of the latest systems for the right purpose.
Do they sell it on loan?
Bhanu Chawla said…
I'm in love with this monster!

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