Microsoft Technology: Answers for StartUps

imageIn one of the startup groups, there was a question on the commercials of doing a startup with Microsoft Technologies. Specifically, the question was:

I would like to know the commercial implications on developing a solution on dotnet.
Is there a license one needs to purchase from Microsoft for developing a software on dotnet platform?
When the software is sold then does each commercial license of  software requires dotnet license to be purchased from Microsoft ?”

While many folks would already know about the above, I am reproducing my answer in order to help any startup out there looking for information on using Microsoft technologies. So here it goes:

Upfront, one thing should be clear as water -

.NET framework is completely FREE of cost to install.

The tools to develop on .NET is a IDE called Visual Studio may be needed to be bought. However, MS has come out with various programs that give out .NET Development tools for free. These options includes FREE Visual Studio and SQL Server Express products. The BizSpark program and WebSiteSpark program offers the development tools free for all startups. So, adopting .NET development tools may be made a  zero investment effort. 
.NET development shines out in the productivity boost it offers leading to quicker Time to Market for products/ solutions. In addition, the resources/ manpower on .NET can be hired for cheaper from the market. A certain degree of expertise can be assumed by folks who have .NET Certifications.

When your software is sold, the customer does need to buy infrastructure technologies supporting the solution (e.g. SQL Server, Windows Server). The customer doesn’t need to buy Developer tools (and I already mentioned that .NET is FREE to install for everyone).

Finally, costs to the customer on selling the software depends on the solution type you are building (e.g. if you are using SQL Server). There are free/ cheaper options available there as well. This would depend on the solution/ product you are building.

Are you a startup looking for any clarifications on .NET technologies? Please feel free to post a comment here and I will be happy to answer for you.


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hi this is srinath from to configure smtp in widows7.when u was prepating for .net how many hours hours u spent to become such great mvp?
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