Windows Phone 7 Resources at one place for you

While learning Windows Phone 7 I realized that Windows Phone Development documentation and content are currently spread across multiple Microsoft web properties. There was no single place for developers to turn for the entire picture.

Now, Microsoft has created 22 topic/scenario-focused web pages on App Hub, the Windows Phone developer website, that provide a comprehensive view of all the resources available for Windows Phone development. Each page provides deep topics links, high-level links to tools and key resources for Windows Phone development, and links off to the other content pages.

Here’s the full list:

Page Title link

Windows Phone developer resources (main landing page)

Silverlight for Windows Phone

XNA Game Studio and XNA Framework

Windows Phone Developer Tools and Device Unlock

User Experience and User Interface

Application and Execution Model

Input, Touch and Gestures

Launchers and Choosers


Frame and Page Navigation

Isolated Storage


Advertising Services

Camera and Photos

Media – Audio and Video

Push Notifications and Live Tiles

App Bar and Controls

Location and Mapping

Networking and Web Services


Globalization and Localization

Porting Your App or Game to Windows Phone 7

Application Publishing and Marketplace

Enjoy learning the new platform of Windows Phone 7!


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