Visual Studio .NET for Linux

I discovered this gem at Codeproject newsletter:

Visual MainWin® for J2EE™ is an innovative product from Mainsoft (and not Microsoft!) that allows you to use the productivity of the Visual Studio .NET IDE to tap into the power of the J2EE platform. Now you can even write your applications in C# and ASP.NET and deploy them to J2EE servers running on Linux!
You also have an article that describes creating first ASP.NET application on Linux at:

This consumes a stock quote Web service, and presents it using a Web Form that will run on Tomcat under Linux.
This application demonstrates some of the technologies that are offered by the .NET Framework, and you will see these can be used to build Linux applications:

  • Web service consumption via a proxy class
  • XmlDocument management
  • Data binding
  • ADO.NET DataSets
  • ASP.NET grid control
There is much more that you can do with Visual MainWin building applications leveraging the .NET on Linux.

You can download the freely available Developer Edition from here:
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