MVP in India is an MVP in Switzerland

The title sounds obvious - right?

WRONG... if you consider the number of times I have been told about the lack of recognition MVP program faces anywhere in the world. Here is a line from a mail that i recently received from one of the India MVPs now in Switzerland on his experience in Switzerland:
"I met so many developers here and they remember my name as an MVP. thats really something that make me feel proud as an MVP and my activities."

That makes us feel proud too for the simple fact that your recognition is not only in India but worldwide. It's an award that breaks all international boundaries and brings technical people together even when you don't know them...

Now, if you are thinking about recognition in India, you don't want to miss the South Asia MVP Meet that we have planned for you from Oct 22 - 24 in Gurgaon. Now you can't be missing that, can you?
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