Main Stream Media - Going Tech?

Microsoft released Beta of a Windows edition for High Performance Computing - "Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003" on Nov 15. Now this is something that should excite geeks and to be very specific the "Uber Geeks". Super computing is not something that people encounter everyday. It is the realm of the scientists and researchers working in a high security setup with a BIG breakthrough on their sleeves :).. but this post is not about the product...

What is exciting is that MSM (Main Stream Media) (specifically TOI - the one newspaper most people have love-hate relationship with) published this story the day it was launched. It is especially laudable given our media's love for politics, crime and scams. I have to admit that ToI has been publishing a lot of tech articles (blogging etc) in the recent past. It is very noteworthy and shows immense thought leadership.

A simple logic may be behind this interest - the penetration of PC is every increasing in India with Internet just a step behind. And that IT and ITES are the fastest growing employers in the country.

the next frontier for MSM is "Tech Journalism".. to date, that has been limited to a few tech magazines. Tech Journalism to me means covering Tech events of significance in India that is important for the techscape of the country. If there are any "tech" journalists out there who are interested in this, do leave a comment here and let's open up a dialogue that is long overdue...
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