Windows 2003 Driver for Compaq NC6000 laptop

Today i tried to install Windows Server 2003 on Compaq NC6000. What a miserable failure!

the OS installed fine but the most crucial drivers were not avaialble for the same. Namely, network etc. this means that i can't connect to internet or to my LAN. this sucks big time!!

reaching to the instant support, i was informed that NC6000 doesn't support Windows Server 2003.. what crap! how can a generic hardware of a laptop not support?

essentially, i have come to the conclusion that HP/ Compaq doesn't want us to install Windows Server 2003 on NC6000. Is this right?


Anonymous said…
They say "We recommended Windows XP"... You can't complain also.

Fact is notebooks with price tag less then 35-40 are not ready for upgrade OS.

Now if you are purchasing new you should look for Vista ready Logo.

Below are good ones, but little costly.

Fujitsu's E8210
Acer's TravelMate 8204WLMi

Jignesh Desai
Anonymous said…
I have a nc6000 and have installed win2003 server. You will not get the driverset as a package from HP. I was able to collect and install all drivers for network,wireless,audio etc from all over and all is working excellent.
Anonymous said…
let me know if u need the drivers
Anonymous said…
let me know if u need the drivers

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