the first non-MS Silverlight game

if flash can do it - Silverlight can do it better! i have seen animations being made but i was still waiting for a Silverlight game. and now i found one - Zero Gravity!

while the game in itself is very simple, it does demonstrate the ability to do great games with Silverlight.

The game took  about 4 weeks and a team of 5 (designers, developers, animators/artists) using Expression Design, Expression Blend 2 and Visual Studio “Orcas” to develop this Silverlight 1.1 game. The game Zero Gravity is available at: or

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Vasudev said…
Here is list of some more Silverlight games links along with their source provided by Chris Bowen.
Abhishek Kant said…
one more sliverlight game:
Vasudev said…
Indeed Silverlight is becoming popular.

yes, that link is already included in the list provided and the list is growing.

Andy has written some more games :

Also check Andy's blog entries for more games.

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