An inspirational post

they say that in the darkest hour you can see the light.. and it is that time now..

in a recent meeting, the VP of Microsoft India gave a very sound advice that i would like to share with you. it holds true for everyone and especially people who are befuddled with the things around them (esp me).. i do wonder though whether any inspiration/ good thought ever did any good to anyone in the corporate world.. but this may benefit me and you ..

so here it goes:

Some things I wish I had known when I was 30

•Don’t let someone else define what success means for you

this finds its origin in not letting others (including managers)tell you what you are and what you are not good at! you are successful when you you believe you are!

•Know your strengths & focus on these

–No one ever became great focusing on their dev needs

this is divergent in the thought that it encourages you to hone and further work upon your strengths rather than working on your weaknesses. mostly all the reviews and feedbacks will tell you what you are NOT good at.. this says that it may not be that important to focus on that but on things you are good at!

•Embrace life, take on LARGE challenges & BIG risks

this one is about taking leap of faith and taking huge risks..

and a quote to go with it -

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail…” (Emerson)

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