Word Viewer 2007 is released

if you don't have Office 2007 and have started to receive docx files from individuals, you can now read the same using the newly released Word Viewer 2007..

the word viewer replaces all earlier releases... true to its name, the viewer let's you view the Word documents but don't let you edit the same... the Word Viewer enables free viewing of .docx and .docm with the same visual fidelity as the full version of Word 2003.

Get the FREE download here

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Suraj Berwal said…
Additionally if you have MS Word 2003 then the patch for converting 2007 format documents into 2003 format can also be auto-downloaded from MS site from within your Office applications.

Then you do have Google Docs service Google Docs. This helps you read all the 2007 format docs and save them in 2003 formats.

The tussle between Google and MS is hot...I am having fun anyways...at both their expense..watsay..:-)


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