Facebook and Marketing

Facebook is a networking platform that has thrown up some very interesting marketing opportunities... it let's you leverage your entire social graph and use your everyday actions to promote things... this presents a lot of new and interesting ways for marketers to get the message out for their products...

below i list some of the methods:

  1. Profile blurb and action links
  2. Profile News Feeds
  3. Application Alerts
  4. Application Requests
  5. Application Blurb
  6. Application Directory
  7. Facebook Pages
  8. Facebook Ads
  9. Facebook Beacon

with these many integration points the possibilities are endless and the social platform architecture of Facebook is truly well thought of...

and oh what do i think about the facebook and the Open Social debate? i think Open social is a cheap imitation of the facebook platform and should instead adopt facebook standards... google has really played underdog and demonstrated their inability to innovate here.. and so why is orkut.com not yet harbouring "open social" google widgets (a bit of oxymoron here - open google widgets!).. and i think Steve Ballmer was very right in investing in Facebook!

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