Upgrading DotNetNuke Forums to 4.04.1

One of the most widely used features in any community is the forums... DotNetNuke - my personal favorite had a forum module as well...

recently a new version of DNN - 4.7 was released alongwith a new updated forums module - 4.4.1. we quickly upgraded the forums on our DNN installation.

after the install which was uneventful, all the members at the site got the administrator rights for the forum. this gave us a few anxious moments. on research we discovered that while earlier, forums module needed "Edit" permission for all users, the latest release doesn't require the same. all that was required was to limit the permissions for the forum users to "Read" for the module! the forums are looking good and working great!

And yes, if you are looking for the drop down to edit permissions, you can do so by selecting the "Edit" radio button located at the top of the page.

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