Microsoft licenses Flash lite for Windows Mobile Devices

At the recently concluded Mix 08, Microsoft showcased Silverlight 2.0 working on Windows Mobile. In addition, Nokia licensed Silverlight to display on its mobile device.

In a recent news, it is said that Microsoft is licensing Flash Lite for display with Windows Mobile Devices. Here's what ZDNET thinks of it:

Now i don't think what ZDNET thinks is at all on the mark for the following reasons:

  1. it has already being displayed at Mix 08 and I don't doubt that it is going to come out soon.
  2. If MS has to dissect Flash lite to learn it, there is no need to license the same.
  3. Why wud MS want to make Adobe look relevant, when it is fighting Silverlight war with Flash and Expression suite war with Adobe designer suite?

I think:

  1. Microsoft will continue to prefer Silverlight for its mobile devices.
  2. Flash Lite provides Windows Mobile owners additional avenue of using content.
  3. In the new found Interoperability "karma", Microsoft may want various technologies to play on Windows Mobile.

In any case, it is the ultimate consumers who are going to benefot from this deal!


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