Office Live Workspace Available NOW

 liveworkspace Office Live Workspace is now available globally! Microsoft Office users will be able to use the English version of Office Live Workspace beta, a free Web-based extension of Microsoft Office, to save and access their works online and easily collaborate with others, whether they live in Australia or Singapore or India or Canada.

When u sign up, you should install an addin to your Office applications. This addin provides an additional menu in Office applications that lets you save and retrieve documents from Workspace directly! This enables multiple people to work on the same document. And you can create various kinds of workspaces to categorise the work you are doing!


With the activity pane, you can also track what changes are being made to the document.

but saving documents (excel, powerpoint or word docs) isn't the only thing you can do here! Check out this screenshot that shows other things that you can include in your workspace:


And using Workspace now comes with a windfall gain -  there is a sweepstake that is also available for users in US..

if you haven't started using workspace yet, start immediately and experience the power of collaborating!

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