Live Mesh Comes to India

Live Mesh technical preview has expanded to include Canada, India and Ireland (English only).

mesh So what is Live Mesh you might wonder? Live Mesh is supposed to be a platform on which anyone would be able to build applications using the basic services of synchronization across the devices done over internet. Mesh, true to its name, will enable users to reach their information and applications irrespective of the machine they are currently working on (think entire Office running on any computer you log on without having to install app on every machine)…

As of today, Live Mesh team has made only some of these experiences available. These experiences are:

  1. Files that automatically get syncronised on all the machines that run this program (sort of Foldershare)
  2. Online file storage (sort of Skydrive)
  3. Online group collaboration (sort of Groove)
  4. Remote Desktop Viewing (sort of SharedView)

The cool thing here is the seamless implementation of Software + Services. The cloud becomes a core part of the Mesh system.

To experience this path breaking technology in India, go here:

You can pass on your feedback about Live Mesh at the forums..

CAUTION: There is still a  maximum limit on the number of users for the Technology Preview. However, anyone in the allowed countries can sign-up with no delays or wait list as long as they are below the limit. So don’t delay the sign up!

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