Live Search Gets a New Face

Today I went to (BTW, for all my non-technology searches I use Live Search) and was surprised by the new look of the site. This is however only implemented for US.. Take a look here:


It has a pleasing picture on the main screen. Not only that, when you casually move around your mouse, it shows interesting tits bits of information about the picture… very very NICE!

NOTE: if you want this look too, click on the country name located on the right top of the page and select US (English).. 

I think Live Search does a MUCH better job of searching images and videos. And yeah, i have used the cashback feature (that let’s you get back money on every purchase online) of Live Search. It has saved me some money and would save you too if you intend to go shopping online.

Compare this to the standard Google page:


This is outrightly boring :(..

Google searches are good for technology searches.. but in the rest (esp rich media), google lags behind!


I think Microsoft has learnt from Apple (look good) and Google (look simple and do good) and has put learnings in bringing this feature out!

Go Experience the good looks!

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for bringing live search to attention.

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