Microsoft Newsgroups and Lotus Notes 5

Well today morning someone asked me if they could access Microsoft newsgroups over Lotus Notes 5. Logically, there should be a way to access any newsgroup given NNTP is an standard and a very old protocol (giving enough time for implementation by various vendors). A little digging and here are the results of the same:

Lotus Notes 5 has support for accessing newsgroups. Earlier versions of Lotus seems to have only support for newsgroups hosted on Domino servers..

I found information at The only information that you really have to enter is a friendly account name, which you determine for your own use, plus the server name ( and a protocol -- in this case, NNTP. Then, you save the account document and Notes adds a bookmark to your client.
With Notes R5, the former Notes workspace is replaced by bookmarks, which provide a much faster way for getting to and managing information on desktops and the Internet. Once you click on your new NNTP bookmark, you can select from a list of newsgroups published by the server administrator, and you're on!


Abhishek Kant said…
the XP SP2 is also available for download from the MSDN Subscriber Download center :)
Anonymous said…
was just trying to find out like rss readers can i have a tool like NNTP readers ... oops there are so many..


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