My Airtel Broadband is down!

My Airtel Broadband connection has been down for past 2-3 days. The ADSL Link light is not working and though a technician paid a visit he went away saying that the fault is somewhere at the back..

Now, all this means that i am not going to have any boradband till the time "backend" is fixed :(. However, the bill never seems to discount non-availability of the service that Airtel so conviniently seems to forget!

I had earlier requested these guys to change my plan but they didn't bother to inform me about the procedural hiccup that came up! now broadband doesn't make you omniscient (did i spell it right?).. so i am still continuing on the older plan as nobody informed me on the issue.. though i religiously have been getting calls like - "is your internet working fine" before all this happened...

And yes, if you want to measure your broadband speed check out:
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Anonymous said…
Oh shux - they screwed up my connection too when i switched plans - they took abt 4 months to change me to the unlimited data plan.

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