Google consolidating its identities an killing privacy in turn?

Was looking up and was greeted by the welcome message that said that now orkut ID is being moved to a uniform Google ID.. post that on registering with the existing orkut ID i could link up everything to one GoogleID of mine.. the first time i had seen the effort towards unifying the identities was at gmail.

Not that the uniform ID is an issue but isn't it a movement towards monopolising / dominating the identity space by Google? The same MSN Passport frenzy that didn't go down well with some customers on the same fear... Personally, I think MSN Passport is much more privacy friendly than the current rudimentary google user ID and password combo. MSN Passport is built around privacy and then sharing of information.

From the google privacy page, they track your clicks on the page (including UI elements, ads, links, and other information), drop cookies on your machine that track all this aggregated information for benefit of google..
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