I am leaving on a Jet Plane

Tonight i fly off to Redmond to attend the MVP Global Summit 2005.

Apart from the technical content that is anyway going to be superb I am looking forward to:
  1. Meet the Indian MVPs after a long time
  2. Regional dinner where i will host tambola and have made a cool video that i hope everyone will like.
  3. Meet Pakistani delegation and explore ways of collaborating with communities there
  4. Meet the MVP Leads from other region EMEA, LATAM and USA

Nugget for information: I got so busy booking flights for attending MVPs that i forgot my own.. at the last moment i got a booking that is going to keep me in transit at Los Angeles for 6 hours and consequently i will arrive at 19:00 hrs in Seattle (i.e. around 8 hours more than other people flying into Seattle :)

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Anonymous said…
Just when i thought i'll buzz u, i stumbled onto this post. Thought i'll discuss winembedded-del with u. I also recieved INETA kit today so it kinda kindled me to get into action. Just nudge me when u r back (on a jet plane again, Mr.Denver), n i'll spill u the details.
_ said…
happy journey dude!! :)!!

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