MVP Global Summit

The numero UNO benefit of the MVP Program worldwide remains the MVP Global Summit that is held at Redmond. It is being held from Sept 28 to Oct 1 at Microsoft Campus. It is the single event that brings about diverse set of people to a single platform of technology.
In year 2005, the MVP Global Summit will be attended by people representing more than 70 countries from across the globe. There are around 3100 of the Microsoft technology enthusiasts whom we call MVPs and around 1500 of them are attending this Summit (these are not exact nos but indicative only). That means around 50% of the MVPs will be at a single location abosrbing all the rich content that Microsoft has to provide. The detailed agenda of the Summit can be seen at:

In my opinion, if there is any event that provides so much of technology depth for a select audience it is this MVP Global Summit. I can't help but compare this to the PDC where Microsoft showcases much of its upcoming technologies. Where PDC is a public event, MVP Global Summit is for the leaders from the community ONLY and hence the discussions are much more candid and contain much more insider information.

the expectation from this event from MVPs in India has always been-
1. In Depth Technical Information
2. Networking Opportunity with Product Groups and other MVPs

with the meticulous planning and effort that has gone into organization of the event (including briefings to the PGs making presentations) I am sure the event is going to be a hell lot better than you expected it to be..

We will have more than 20 MVPs from India attending the Summit and you should watch their blogs if you want to know the insider info from the Microsoft stable...
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