Delhi Bribe Rates

Here's some interesting stuff. A whole blog dedicated to the going bribe rates in Delhi.

Here's my contribution to the same:
I was trying to get additional booklet for my passport. The procedure called for police verification (mine was made in chandigarh initially and my residence has shifted to gurgaon from that time). The police chap quitely mentioned that Rs 500 is what poor people pay. You should pay more. With all the swearing under my breadth i shelled out Rs 600/- for my additional booklet when all my papers were in order. what was even worse was the fact that my police verification had still not reached the Passport office when i went there almost 3 weeks later :(
And here's a tip, the correct way to ask if officer is interested is to say - "Is there any additional fee that i need to pay you for the police verification??"
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Ankur said…
thanks for ur input,,i will surely link it up,,,but believe me he charged u more,,RS 200 wud have done ;-) Anyways thats the purpose for the bridedelhi blog,,to educate people ;-)

I will update the info there,,do send me more details and rates for anything else...
Anonymous said…
:-) Recently, many TV channels started investigative journalism on this part. In hyderabad, you just have to call thier numbers once u are done with your job and they will follow the same path and get it shooted and broadcast the same week :-) Its pretty impressive here in a channel called TV9.
Abhishek Kant said…
damn... the policemen seem to be better negotiators than we can ever be :(
Abhishek Kant said…
investigative journalism of sting operations... very very interesting..
even rajat sharma of India TV fame is coming on TV these says requesting for news clips/ information anyone might have to share. he said that govinda - dawood tape was also mailed by someone from audience.
it is trend towards more open and bolder journalism.. also, that traditional media is starting to leverage the community for news and views :)
Anonymous said…
I have not asked for any additional fees and as a result I don't have passport :(

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