DNN 3.2 forum and gallery modules TROUBLESHOOTED

In working with DNN 3.2 recently (that i upgraded from 3.1) I installed several custom developed modules. The ones that i did were:
Forums Module
Gallery Module
There are many more in development.
Now I faced issues with both.
Forums: The installation of the forums module was with out any hassle. And the module came with extensive documentation as well making working with the module extremely easy.
However after installation and configuration of the forums, it started throwing some foreign key errors upon trying to access the forums. Invetigation on the DNN forums revealed the answer and the link is provided here:http://forums.asp.net/1109287/ShowPost.aspx#1109287
The workaround involved running a DB script and then modifying the SP in the database.
Gallery: Wudn't install. I needed it to enable avatars in the forums.
The workaround was again available at:
It just involved changing a single line in the .dnn file that came with the installation.

With the workarounds quickly available i was able to setup the site very quickly in DNN. I just hope that these simple workarounds be made available in the releases of DNN that would ease out the pain from searching and finding such simple workarounds.
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