DotNetNuke - How to make Site Performance ROCKING!!

my experience is based on DNN 3.3.3 and on trying to figure out how to run a site faster on DNN.. i am running SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SP1 and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1. my hardware is a dedicated machine running 1 GB RAM, P4 3.0 GHz and 120 GB HDD.

Have also enabled IIS Compression


First thing to make sure is that network, disk and CPU nos are running fine.. you can use Performance Monitor to see these nos..

Network: Avaialble Bandwidth

CPU: % Processor

Disk: % Disk Time


Initially my HDD was showing almost 100% disk time all the time. i had to request a hard disk change from my hoster (which they graciously did!)


the CPU utilization after hard disk change was almost running 100%. Some host level changes that I implemented:

  1. Turn off all schedules by Scheduler Mode to Disabled. Actually, the blocking schedule was for search that i have turned off now.
  2. Set Module caching to Disk
  3. Set Site log storage to File System

This set the CPU utilization to acceptable levels as well.


I have also purged my site log history manually to reduce the DB size 3 GB to 40 MB  :)


Some other perf notes:

if you are running SQL Server 2005 on a hyperthreaded machine, you might want to check out:


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