Windows Live Mail Desktop BETA

What is Windows Live Mail Desktop?

One place to see e-mail from multiple accounts? Even AOL and Gmail? That's exactly what you'll get when you download this zippy little program. It's an easy new way to keep track of your newsgroups and RSS feeds, too.



· Junk and phishing protection

· Support for RSS feeds

· Photo email (share & publish your photos as slideshows to the internet!)

· Blog it!

· 3 pane view of email

· Integration with Windows Live Messenger

· Active Search

· Multiple account aggregation

· Instant Search

· Free client access to your hotmail account

· Lots more and with even more to come!


How to get it?

1. Go to

2. Find the tile for “Windows Live Mail Desktop beta”

3. Click on “sign up” (if you’re NOT signed in with your Passport email address)

4. Click on “download” (if you ARE signed in with your Passport email address)

5. Walk through the beta agreement and accept.

6. Download and you’re done!

7. Be sure to sign into Mail Desktop with the Passport email address you used in step 3 and 4.

If you run into any problems, use this link to get support –


I just LOVE this tool!


Anonymous said…
Windows Live Mail Desktop rocks!

I posted the same on my blog. Blog IT, RSS integration, smart search.... nice change from outlook express.

i've uploaded lotta screenies on Zooomr and my blog.
Anonymous said…
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