There is a Baby in house!

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a technical post but a personal one. The occasion warrants it!

father day gift

I haven’t being writing a lot of blog posts lately. Simply ‘cause I am now a father! I see this as a promotion that God has made for me to make me a better person..

The little boy was born on June 6th in Gurgaon. And ever since that day I have been learning a new trick everyday.

Few of my blogger friends got innovative and gifted the little one a new domain name – thanks amit, ashish and abby.

And we haven’t named him yet! The astrologer says that his name should begin with “H” and so the hunt for a name is on. If you really ask me I am waiting for an inspiration to help me choose a name. Do you have a suggestion?

I am going to get regular with my blogging from now on. So stay tuned for more of what this blog is all about microsoft technologies in india…


Dear Abhishek,

Happy to mail you. Three months before i have got a mail from regarding my profile selected for mvp award list and you have informed me that it will be announced on July 1st. Eagerly awaiting for good news from your team. Onceagain, I have sent my nomination form with cc to your hotmail. Please consider my nomination form.

Venkatesan Prabu .J
Expeciting your reply.
My mail id is
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Abhi. Hope you manage to get enough sleep now :)
Abhishek Kant said…
thanks Amit...

the silver lining for us is the family support.. before we fall asleep walking someone comes up to help us catch a wink :)

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