The Da-Vinci Code - Virus spreads to me!

Started reading the Da-Vinci Code yesterday.. i am only half way at Chapter 33.. i find the book till now a mish mash of fiction blended with religion and art..
IMHO, the book's author is a believer of the "conspiracy" theory..
the book is definitely captivating given I started reading it at 10 PM and kept reading it till 1 AM :) The anticipation of something very "phenomenonal" just on the next page keeps the reader glued to the pages of the novel...
I heard people say it is a work of "real" nature and the presence of Fibonnaci Series, Divine Proportion etc are proofs of the same.. i say the book melds the science and fiction together very well..
There is lot of interesting facts too in the book like - the name of the Mona Lisa painting in France is La Giaconda, the life of Da vinci, the Vitruvian man, the origin of word "Silas" and the pagan philosophies (Hinduism seems very much a pagan religion to me!!)
Of course, i will have more to say only when i finish the book.
And there is a FAQ from Dan Brown, the writer, on his book located here.
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Hardik Shah said…
Must say, a real good book.. Already a Hit amongst friends of mine..

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