So you are using Lookout?

I have been using Lookout for quite some time now and am extremely happy about it!! it has been saving a lot of time for me.. translate that to dollars and the saving is huge! but i guess everyone knows about it by now.. if you don't then you either don't use Outlook or you have a lot of time (so you don't care) or you are oblivious to the tools that can increase your productivity !!

Why this outdated post then?

I discovered that if you install Lookout, Outllook doens't shut down even when you close the application. it keeps running in the background! I didn't expect that. It is either by design or by coding error..

In my brush with Outlook programming it has come up again and again that if the Add-In doesn't unoad itself the application will fail to terminate and keep running in the background. If this is the case, then Lookout should better unload while Outlook exits..

If you want to close Outlook, use task manager to shut it down :)
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Abhishek Kant said…
thanks anando for bringing the harsh words to attention. have corrected the same..
a reminder to me that it is extremely crucial to have a decent and friendly demeanor.

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