Enterprise Development Reference Architecture (EDRA) Released

The goal of the project (codenamed ShadowFax) is to provide architectural guidance that an organization can use to standardize the development of distributed systems.
EDRA has been released by PAG group of Microsoft.
The EDRA provides architectural guidance that an enterprise can use to standardize the separation of business logic from infrastructure concerns with the development distributed systems. The key principles on which EDRA is based are:
· Separating the service interface from internal service implementation to allow for deployment scenarios optimized for scalability, reliability, security, performance, and availability.
· Separating business logic from cross-cutting concerns such as logging, monitoring, or raising business events.
· Separating business logic from the underlying transport so that multiple transports can be used to access a single service implementation.

you can directly use the artifacts of the project: extensible application framework, four QuickStarts, an application template, and supporting documentation for your enterprise application.
The EDRA artifacts can be downloaded


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