Email communication - Subject lines

An abstract on email communication rules that i find valuable:

。 All non-critical e-mail titled "FYI: "
。 Mandatory Action Items will be titled "Action Required"
- No action required e-mail to be sent after Friday at 5pm EST that has action item due before Monday at 5pm (emergencies excluded)
。 If you are sending a broad email requesting action but action is not mandatory, the email should be titled "Action Requested"
。 Recognition, Promotions and Rewards emails titled "Congratulations: "
。 No Reply All
。 cc indicates no action required of you

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Anonymous said…
Reading your blogsite, Abhishek, i wonder why youo never looked at yourself as a geek. And i do not mean any disrespect or to donjure up images of some thin frail person wrinkiling his nose to keep the spectacles on, with limp hair and a bleak far-sighted look. Hey to us simpler souls, you are much the greek, oops, Geek!

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