Wipro Study finds Patch management cheaper by 14% for Windows over Linux Desktops

Patching has been and will be a significant part of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) equation for years to come. When these costs are distributed across the size of environment and evaluated on a per asset basis, Microsoft software is less expensive to patch than open source equivalents. On a per asset basis, the Microsoft platform is less expensive to patch than a similar OSS environment.
Windows desktops cost 14% less to patch than Linux desktops Windows servers cost 13% less to patch than Linux servers Windows database servers cost 33% less to patch than Linux database servers OSS-based systems faced with high-level and critical vulnerabilities are at risk longer than comparable Windows-based systems (Days at Risk)
Survey respondents consistently overestimated the number of Windows vulnerabilities while underestimated those for OSS Through the use of best practices, Windows patching costs can be reduced by up to 55% (44% for Linux)
The entire study can be downloaded from:
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