VSTO now available for Outlook! Yipee!!

I have been a managed developer ever since i remember.. for me the promise of Connected Systems wasn't coming true as i couldn't program very effectively without delving into the esoteric art of Interoperability when it came to Office Suite of Products!
I find myself using Outlook the most and love to integrate anything with Outlook (really!!).. so i did write an add-in for "MVP Alerts" that i successfully used to parse more than 2000 odd alerts till now... But that was painful.. I blogged about it in one of my earlier posts.

So with the news of VSTO now being announced for Outlook, I am excited.. now i can do more stuff with Outlook.. One of the things i am planning to build is a dual-reply button i.e. instead of the normal reply button, I will have a button that will open two replies to a single mail - One with pre-formatted reply (think Acknowledgment of the mail received and the second as a mail that i need to send for action!).. I am off to watch the video on Channel 9 about this capability.. Why don't you too?
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