Community Initiatives - Course Correction

We have started with a lot of MVP/ Community initiatives in the past. We have partly succeeded in launching them but failed in continuing the momentum. Maybe this is the nature of the community projects.
but I think we can do better as a team of talented and passionate people. there is an email that i recently received from one of the participants that provides a possible solution:

1. there should be one person in each team who should be a point of contact.He should lead the entire intiative, that means co-ordinating with other team members about the status etc etc.
2. There should be spokeperson from each team who updates activities of each team proceedings on the weekly basis. That person should co-ordinate with MS folks to get arch or design or spec reviews.
3. Timelines - If we are not meeting the deadlines its tough, the project will be dragged.

I cudn't agree more.
the fundamental issue i think still remains of the motivation for the project. if one can see what value that his/ her activity is going to provide, he/ she is motivated.
is it that people don't see what impact they can create.
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Anonymous said…
Excellent, love it!
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