Being at IndiMix 06

the IndiMix 06 is all it promised and more.

IMHO, MS has moved away from the regular "boring" event patterns of the past. the event this time has a very professional look - from badges to the notebooks. what is outstanding is the amount of AV that is being now used. wonderful opening videos, introduction videos and questions from people from across India.

the event started with a larger than life presence of Steve Ballmer (i know people thought that SteveB was not going to be there at the event). his focus was primarly on the Live platform. the panel discussion was amazing that followed. The panelists were:
  1. Anil Kumble
  2. CEO
  3. CEO - NDTV Online
  4. CEO
  5. GM, MSN India

The questions were answered very well and i took a jab of the entreprenuership from there.

And did I mention that there were XBOX 360s present at the venue for FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE!

The meeting with MVPs is a high point for me (including Satheesh whom I met for the very first time!).. some notes with MVPs has already being exchanged and i look forward to meeting over dinner and have a relaxing conversation with MVPs :)

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