MS Office 2007 Released

Microsoft Office 2007 has been released to manufacture. In simpler terms, MS Office System 2007 is now a released product supported by MS.

Some common questions i have heard:

  1. Does it mean it is zero bugs?

No, it doesn't. For software to be released, it has to clear the ZBB (Zero Bug Build). However, there are bugs/ features that are always put for SP1. So, internally you can be sure that SP1 is on its way.

  1. Does it mean it is not good?

No again. In the software development world this is the way to work. You release a product (time vs effort scenario) and then provide additional upgrades and fixes in time.

  1. Is the DVD for the same available?

not yet for the general people.

This time the release of the products has been staggered into a Business Release and General Availability. Nov 8th marks the business release. The general availability will be around end Jan 2007. For the business release, here is a website on value of MS OFfice to businesses (expect very little/ zero developer or consumer centric content):

MS Vista and Exchange 2007 are soon to be released as well.


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