Microsoft Vista is Released

After releasing Office 2007, Microsoft has now made Vista available to market. The build no. of the RTM is 6000.16386.

Some amazing facts on the journey to Windows Vista:

  1. Windows Vista will be available in over 100 languages.
  2. Windows Vista will have more than 50% more device drivers inbox at RTM than Windows XP had, plus thousands more will be on Windows Update before general availability. This means more devices just work on Plug and Play.
  3. Windows Vista is the first Microsoft product that has incorporated the Secure Development Lifecycle from the beginning
  4. There were already around 60,000 machines at Microsoft running Windows Vista
  5. Windows Vista is the fastest installing version of Windows (between 15 and 20 minutes)

Today the release is only for busines users. General users will have to wait till Jan 30th when Vista becomes broadly available.

I am truly excited for the new software that promises much better experience than even its latest RC1!


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