Indian Indipodcast Scenario

Well here is little of indipodcasts that i have come to know about: - Mostly bollywood - Mostly economic issues


My thought about the podcasts is that they are totally non-professional. While i agree that these guys are first in the podcast scene the quality they are churning out is utterly ridiculous. why would you want to listen to them when inthe conversation you hear heavily accented language (hindi/ english/ mumbaiya)? hevay breathing and an occasional knock on the microphone is just another icing on the cake.

So my advice to the podcasters, especially professional ones is:

  1. Get professional quality equipment. Bad equipment doesn't help
  2. Get some speaker training.. make the podcast pleasant to hear.

In still nascent world of podcasting in India, there is already a beginning. Let's make the beginning a good start!


Amit Agarwal said…
Try listening to Kamla Bhatt..

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