Awarding Best Indian Blogs

Here is a great effort to award the Top Indian Blogs:

This comes close on the heels of the reports that there are around 13.5 million blogs in India. The shortlist has 175 blogs in various categories from 750 nominations received. That's a awful lot lesser than the "supposed" no of blogs we have in India. Just hope that the participation grows in this blogging contest.

There was a developer blog contest done by MS India some time ago as well at:

I am totally impressed with the way of nominating the blog for the award - through and that makes it ultra community oriented.

Now, I am a techie at heart. So i quickly jumped in the Science/ Technology area. Some very interesting blogs have made it to the category. I was however disappointed to see certain blogs with no tech content featured in the category. I point to: - based on the comment from the author, I agree that this blog is about "science" not "technology".

Jurors please don't include blogs in Science/ Technology when they don't write about anything else. Do you want to reconsider this category ?

It is SUPERB that the list of jurors is available. Why not go a step ahead and announce the award criteria as well? Is it only the no. of votes that a blog receives?

I think the criteria's got to be more than no of votes - the influence of blogs in the blogosphere. you can measure it today with various tools available.

I propose the following format:

  • Popularity of blogs based on votes (30% weight)
  • Influence of blogs based on (40% weight)
  • Blog Age (10% weight)
  • No. of blog posts for duration under consideration (10% weight)
  • Juror's Vote (10% weight)

(ideally i would also love to get the no. of comments made in the blog as a criteria but we can't measure that objectively yet)

Stack rank each blog based on above in each category. multiply that with the weightage of the factor. total up the rank. The blog with lowest score should give you the winners.

I illustrate that with an example.

Based on the criteria we have the following stack rankings for each blog based on the above mentioned criteria:

Blog XBlog YBlog Z
Blog Age312
No. of Posts132
Juror's Post312

Now the calculation:

Blog XBlog YBlog Z
Popularity (0.3)
Influence (0.4)
Blog Age (0.1)
No. of Posts (0.1)
Juror's Vote (0.1)

From the above, Blog Y is the BEST blog followed by Blog X and Blog Z.

What say?

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Sunil said…
Hi Abishek,
I happened to notice your blog and pingback since I was trying to change my technorati settings...

Anyway...the indibloggies don't's about personal choice. It's nice to be nominated, but it won't matter if not.

But as far as science & technology goes....there are two words there, science and technology. Balancing life is not a technology blog. I am not an expert on "technology" (i.e. computer science). However, it IS a science blog, with a focus on research and basic concepts in the biological sciences, chemistry and medicine....expanding to biophysics or nanotechnology.

You might think biology, medicine and chemistry don't come under science.....but I think I would strongly disagree on that.
Abhishek Kant said…
it is really good that your blog was nominated. i appreciate the effort that you put to write that blog.

now my observation was primarily based on the following statment on your blog: "It is a personal blog, primarily on science, with occational writing on movies, books, travel or life."

i stand corrected and indeed your blog is on "science" :).. being from the computer world, i tend to get myopic on technology. please accept apologies for my oversight.
Anonymous said…
Hi Abhishek, Mixed Bag is exactly what the title implies - a mix of trends, culture, marketing, technology, science, and a whole lot more.
When writing about technology, I've never focused on technology itself, but always on how people are using technology and new media.
I myself was rather surprised, and pleasantly so, to be nominated...But to say that mixedbag has no content related to tech is incorrect, just as it is incorrect to classify it as only a science & technology blog. It remains what it says it is - a mixed bag.
Me said…
Nice blog you have.

We bloggers in Nepal too are planning to do something solid!

Vahsek's Ramblings
Abhishek Kant said…
hi nikhil

the effort and time you take to share your thougths with the world is commendable.
i would say that you should choose a suitable category (maybe Topical) for ur blog!
However, i would stand by my observation that it is not a science/ technology blog.
look at the other blogs ur put in the same category with -, etc and think for urself is this the right category?
my observation is not about the quality of the blog but only about the category in which it is nominated.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. :)
Y'know- if I were to choose a category, it would be 'convergence culture'. I don't like to bracket myself, and this is broad enough - how the way we interact and do things is changing, both individual and group behaviour, because of changes in media and technology.

I only found out about the nomination when a friend mailed me...Also, I don't compare my blogs with others...just do my own thing. Labnol is going to win, though if my work blog was nominated, I'm sure we'd give him a good fight. :)

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