Microsoft User Group in India Achieves a landmark

India is truly a developer haven and Bangalore the developer capital. Microsoft User Group communities have existed in this garden city for around 5 years now!

And here's the BIG achievement - The Microsoft Bangalore User group is now more than 10,000 members... what is commendable is that the group is entirely managed by volunteers and speakers from amongst themselves. the group has conducted many events - big and small, authored collaborative booklet, celebrated their success and even dabbled in developing shared applications.. the community doesn't get more DYNAMIC than this!

Hats off to the volunteers who have worked hard to get to this and have an unending passion and enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge and the community!

i know that this has been a long and ardous journey for the volunteers that is still on. i have seen the problems the group has faced from lack of venue to meet, to lack of speakers, to lack of laptops and projectors and even sometimes lack of attendees :).. but this journey has been very fulfilling for me and the MVPs who took this as a personal challenge and gave this group their time, expertise and their heart!

I think on this Independence Day, it is time to let impossible's be done.. for those who thought that Microsoft communities can't exist, let this be known in actions more than words.. for other communities anywhere else in the world, let this be a guiding light!

If you are a Microsoft techie and based in Bangalore, you can join this revolution at: and it doesn't cost a rupee!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful achievement. Hats off to those behind the group as well as people at Microsoft who wholeheartedly supported them into making it a reality.

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