Tribute to outgoing President Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam personifies what India is best known for - technical prowess, humble beginnings and outspoken! Dr. Kalam was a people's person! Everyone cutting across professions, colour, caste or sex loved him.

My memories for Dr. Kalam go for the first time during the missile tests but it was not very close to my heart. yes it made me proud but i wasn't thinking of missiles in my backyard yet. the first time is was personal for me was when he went on record to say that Open Source was good for the country's military! The statement that was much touted by the OSS merchants in the country. The only time i saw him was when he came for a student's conference hosted by Microsoft. Adhering to full ceremonial protocol, he dived into his prescriptions for education sector. it was kinda let down as he went on to read out  seams of carefully written words in a monotonous manner. ok, maybe he isn't a huge orator but he is a magnificent thinker! The presentation was using his Windows laptop and Powerpoint - well he is in defense no more :)

So why does he have to go? 'Cause he is not political. he is outspoken in his thoughts and beliefs and has challenged authority by returning the Office of Profit Bill. I really think that inspite of what world thinks of us we are a bunch of sycophants to power and authority - what better to exemplify than our chosen ruling party Congress who is an ally of brilliant politician and an equally corrupt politician- Lalu Prasad. In some ways, I think the office of president of India has been desecrated. The way political party have ignored the choice of people to make it the choice of politicians makes me wonder if the politicians really represent the people or do they represent their political parties?

In tribute to the President who is a great person here's an auidobook - Wings of Fire. It is narrated by Girish Karnad, and accompanied by a great background score by 3 Brothers and a Violin.


Long live the President!

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Anonymous said…
Abhishek Kant from Jaykaypuram?
Abhishek Kant said…
indeed.. and who might this be? since the comment is anonymous I am unable to see any detail..
drop me an email at abhishekATabhishekkantDOTnet

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