abhishek says there are practical limitations to blogging but he still blogs..

'cause i couldn't add it to the comments...


thanks Tejas for taking time to break the myths.. i think this is what people need to know when they start a blog..

for all the reasons i wrote, it was prefixed by a statement - "Funny!!! I am blogging about why blogging is not for me..." 'cause truly i am beginning to see the value of blogging..

the VERY fact that people are shy of talking about their affairs, their sex stories, their night mares leads me to believe that the butterfly is yet to emerge out of the cocoon.. it is probably simple to write about the things that are neutral and impersonal.. that is something that i wanted to steer clear of..

buddy, there is a set of people called "geekswithblogs" and there is another called "idontknowblogs".. i am sure i would make friends with blog community now that i am here...

i agree with blogging being a dialogue than a diary but u see i never wrote what i felt.. it is new to me..

my comment to online connectivity was related to the fact that u can have good conversation when u r regularly connected.. i have a mental block right now.. and that is i only blog (read comments and trackback and blogrolling too) when i am connected to internet.. somehow it is reverts to writing a diary if you are using offline tools..

and given i really don't know about the personality of the invisible audience, i don't know what to talk about.. my latest blog entry is on my new haircut.. i don't know if online audience like to hear about it.. but boy that is the first thing people have been talking about when they meet me.. my landlord had difficulty recognising me in the morning today :)

cutting the comments short, those were my ideas some time ago.. as my experience with blogging grows and i get interesting conversation like yours going i am sure one day i will blog on - "Why blogging is my daily chore?"

Thanks again guys for taking out time to fix these notions of mine :)

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