Snapshots from Hell - Indian Version

So you wanted to be a techie from IIT? the JEE bowled you out?? take heart - only one in hundred applicants make it to IIT (which is tougher than getting into Ivy League colleges) author of the book "Five Point Someone", Chetan Bhagat (an ex-IITian) says.
When i was planning to do my MBA, i read the book "Snapshots from hell" authored by Robinson that gave a insight into Stanford Business School..
Now, we have our own IIT version of the pains and gains one goes through that makes them go from good to great..
The book captures the 5 point GPA (out of 10) travails that a few IITians went through..
the interesting stuff (like the omnipresent playboy) in the IIT hostels are making the book an interesting read :)
so things are not that "academic" behind the closed doors ;-)
i am still reading the book, it was soo interesting that i couldn't resist writing about it.. and chetan is going to be in bangalore on May 22nd (more details at the URL mentioned above) to sign a few copies.. i am going to be there..
we need more literature like this to document the great institutions that we have in india.
as an afterthought, would it be a good idea to publish the book in hindi??
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