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Loyalty is not a new concept. it is old to any organisation that dares to look beyond the product it provides. an organisation thinking about the loyalty has taken the leap from inner facing management to a culture that is outward facing. apparantly there is nothing in short time that an organisation gains from loyalty programs, probably some RED figures on the P&L, red faced boss.......

MSDN Connection is a one such loyalty program from Microsoft. If you are a developer and have been to various MS sessions (official or community activities) you would know that each time you register with your entire details. Did u ever wonder where does all that information landing up?

MSDN Connections seeks to set correct this redundancy.. the personal information resides in a US privacy law compliant database (read passport).. the other event specific details remain on local databases and provide the local flexibility that is soo important for local action.

But is this all MSDN Connection is about? What was that rant about loyalty? MSDN Connection is primarily a program that strives to engage developers in a engaging "conversation". Loud statement, eh? The conversation is about talking your language in your terms. So if you are a SQL enthusiast, we would not put ASP.NET Whidbey Community Preview DVD in your mailbox..

The real value unleashes in time when people who are enthusiasts for MS Technologies deepen their relationship with Microsoft and move into higher tiers of MSDN Connection program. they get priority seating, get to see some cool technology stuff (yet to be unveiled) and get other exclusive benefits!! Now this is fun!!!

In India, there was a staggered launch with DevDays 2004 at Mumbai and Bangalore on 3rd and 5th May. People had an opportunity to register through the online terminals that were made available. And we gave away some pretty cool badge slings.. :)

The MSDN Connection program continues to evolve as we re-discover the passion of the Indian Developer and give him his dish served in his own style.

This blog entry is dedicated to Anand who took some personal time off to explain to me what to blog every day.
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