Why MS product groups love MVPs?

Thanks to Sudhakar, this is probably the first time I am reading in public the importance Product groups within MS see for the great individuals that MVPs are!!

Of course, I have "heard" numerous times about people talking about how great the MVP program really is.. but this is one documented musing :) At the MVP Summit, the Product Groups jostled for attention of MVPs and that is a fact important enough to realise the importance of "community" thinking in the products MS is developing going forward.

No application in the world has tighter community integration than the one i have seen with MS Office 2003.

The community is at the guts of a "commercial" product..

And if you have been following Bill's speech at CEO Summit, you would know about the community and blogs he talked about..
Now if only you were wondering why Product Groups are standing up and taking notice :)
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amrita said…
read your comment albiet a little late..but as they say..better late than never..but couldnt agree with you..when i had intended to write a blog,it was a form of a diary which i had never writen maybe people to know me..well for me if i have to voice my opinion..i would rather use the letter to the editor in "the hindu"..not my blogspot.
take care..thanx for the welcome.

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