MY Blog feeds available as RSS 2.0 and others

RSS feed for this blog is available now at:

The service is provided by Feedburner.
The above URLs make sense to people who would like to consume my blog's feed as RSS rather than Atom (myself included)..

RSS Syndication was on my mind for long. Tejas had created a RSS service for me and sent me a mail on how i can enable the RSS feed for my blog. He had proposed a service from

I browsed through the offerings from both services. The one service that Feedburner has is it's ability to provide statistics of people subscribing to my feed. This was missing in feedster.
There were no modifications required on the blog's template for feedburner unlike feedster.
Finally, feedburner is supporting all the RSS versions while feedster supports only RSS 2.0.
So, I am settling for Feedburner as it was offering more services than feedster.
I remember where it all started from - Tejas.
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Anonymous said…
Hmmn, will have to get used to this new commenting system.

Good work Abhishek, yep it works fine, but you might like to do few more things, from Feedburner you can get the code and put it on your blog, so people can easily subscribe to your blogs feed and as you might have noticed allready you can customise it too.

Ignore this if I am getting impatient ;).

Tejas Patel
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ofcourse ignore me, I just saw the links to your feeds on the blog too, but did not see them before as they were on the bottom of the blog.


Tejas Patel

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