Community Stall at TechEd India 2004

TechEd India 2004 is THE gigantic Developer event from Microsoft that spans more than 4 cities and hard core developer sessions for whole 3 days... TechEd provides indepth sessions for developers, networking professionals and Office users (and developers).

Community has come to be the latest fabric of everything that Microsoft does... newsgroups, usergroups, "Community Technical Previews", community feedback channels, beta place etc.. It is implied that Community does come to TechEd India 2004 as well.. and we will be there at TechEd talking to anyone who is a community player.

We propose to do the following at the community stall

1. Distribute URLs of the local user group at the community stall
2. Provide information on community activities at community stall e.g. on newsgroups, other community sites
3. Provide several technical eval CDs at the community stall
4. Solicit nominations for the MVP and Community Star program
5. Showcase Tablet PC where people can come and work on Tablet PC to experience the Ink aware applications
6. Run hourly quizzes
7. Some fun activities like displaying the pictures taken from camera on the presentation screens

If someone has any more ideas, I am collecting them now!!


Anonymous said…
cool :) The last one should be lot of fun. Am sure folks will have a nice time with tabletpc.

Quizz & Distributing urls is good one. We had done it the last time too.

We will do these too:
1. We will put up a notice abt the next UG meeting dates, venue and the topics to be covered.

2. I will request members to send in 1 liners on how the ug and its activities are helping the. We will put these around too.

Lastly, I hope I am able to make it to teched :)


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