Office 2003 SP1 and Infopath SP1

So I finally installed the Infopath SP1 from the Office 2003 SP1. Here are the steps i followed:

1. Downloaded the Office 2003 Service Pack 1from:
2. Ran the Office 2003 SP1.
3. Ran into the following error message:
“The expected version of the product was not found on your system”.

So i dug around a little and here is how it is correctly done:

1. Uninstall InfoPath SP1 Preview
2. Run gacutil.exe /cdl (Iinstalled with the .NET Framework SDK)
3. Run Office 2003 SP1
4. Reinstall InfoPath 2003 (by running the Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Setup program from Add/Remove Programs), and then reselecting the InfoPath check box

And this worked for me!! The Infopath SP1 forms for MVP Nomination and others are working fine with the this release as well.

The released version of InfoPath SP1 is 6357.6360. If you have any other version than this you don't have the correct version. The Infopath SP1 Preview was 6250.6360

Some new features in InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1:
This release includes more support for InfoPath developers using managed code, digital signatures and enhanced form sharing via e-mail. Thanks to additional tools for using managed code and enhanced support for handling Extensible Markup Language (XML) schemas, developers using SP1 will find it faster and easier to create InfoPath-based solutions. End users also will benefit from additional handwriting support for Tablet PCs, improved support for InfoPath e-mail attachments and enriched support for digital signatures.

The Service Pack is 100% compatible with existing InfoPath 2003 solutions and the preview released earlier this year. When developing new solutions with the Service Pack, you will have a choice to create forms fully compatible with InfoPath 2003 or forms that take advantage of the new feature enhancements, which include:

-More control choices, including Master/Detail, File Attachment, Recursive Section, and Choice, as well as custom-authored controls..
-Better schema support, including built-in support for schema changes.
-Printing improvements, including page breaks, margins and print settings.
-Improved e-mail deployment of sandboxed solutions and auto-updating of trusted solutions.
-Better management and categorization of solutions.
-Tablet PC support improvements.
-Increased support for rules and roles for declarative business logic.
-Enhanced XPath expression support, including calculations without writing script.
-Additional data adaptors for email and SharePoint Products and Technologies lists.
-Better support for custom migration plug-ins.
-Enhanced Object Model (OM), including OnSave event, offline state, submit, and digital signatures.
-Improved support for secondary data sources.
-Additional support for business logic written in managed code (requires a separate download).
-Enhanced OM for external automation and windowless mode for application-level calls.
-Better support for ADO datasets and diffgrams to round-trip data changes.
-Additional support for complex scripts, such as right-to-left and South Asian languages.
-Enhanced support for digital signatures, including partial signatures, non-repudiation, co-signing, and counter-signing.
-Improved stability and performance, including auto-save and data recovery.
-The InfoPath™ 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET is designed for developers who are interested in creating form templates in InfoPath 2003 using Visual Studio .NET 2003. The InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET provides integration features and documentation that enable you to use Visual Studio .NET to create, debug, and build InfoPath projects that use Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET managed code. The integration features provided by the toolkit allow you to use a combination of InfoPath for form design and Visual Studio .NET for writing and debugging form code. Using the toolkit, you can create new InfoPath form templates or add managed code to existing templates.


ArunGG_MVP said…
Hi Abhi,

I got the same error message and u r blog helped me to solve this problem. Thanks :)

Arun Ganesh.
Abhishek Kant said…
my pleasure :)
i will be taking infopath sessions in TechEd India 2004 in chennai, mumbai and delhi. there is one more thing that is important to keep in mind:

"If FrontPage 2003 is installed on your PC, it must also be removed and re-installed before the released SP1 update can be applied to your computer."

Hope this solves problems that others might be facing as well :)

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