My first impression of the Bangalore Business Networking (BBN) Mixer

This was my first time attending a mixer of the Bangalore Business Networking (BBN) from or any other social network..

for the mixer we paid Rs 200 for covering the expenses.. i was expecting a very informal way of gathering money.. was pleasantly surprised with the smooth management of the finances by the volunteers who daftly collected the money and created the badges... next i met Tarun.. now he is the main guy behind BBN. i had been confusing him with the other guy in the photograph he has on this ryze page..
the round of introductions that started went on till 9:00 PM ( we had started at 6:30).. and from the stash of 11 visiting cards that i have from the mixer, it is well understood the eagerness of people handing out their business cards.. the mixer this time (as i am told) was a much quieter affair..
there were people from IT (duh! this is bangalore), medicine, event management, HR, home business and garment industry... pretty varied, eh? a very good exposure to what you don't see at workplace where Yukon is given the importance that of the national budget and Whidbey is the status of monsoon and the impending economic reliance of our farming sector :) it was nice to know garmet industry from Tirpur, home business of Tupperware and thoughts of PR professionals on Linux vs Windows debate :) (now i am close to the IT industry, what do u expect?)
Snacks and tea were the fillers. There was a dance floor with occasional loud music, but no one danced. I am told that other mixers are much wilder.. i look forward to them..
In sum total, a nice opportunity for me to meet people from diverse backgrounds and put our daily work in perspective.. though elements of fun are really needed..
i will be missing the All India Mixer, but hope to catch the next mixer whenever it happens!!
My recommendation to everyone from IT - get out and see who uses the applications we write.. it will give you an idea of why discussing UI design is sometimes more important than system architecture using SOA with robust multi server application middle tier able to excute transactions in nanoseconds .....
probably the budget with 0% excise on garment is a bigger news...


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