MVP award announced!

The MVP awards for the June cycle have been announced. the new MVPs are:

1. Chandrashekar Chivukula, Hyderabad
2. Pooran Prasad, Bangalore (now Ahmedabad)
3. Atul Gupta, Pune
4. Deepika Aneja, Delhi
5. Vipul Patel, Mumbai
6. Ruwan Dissanayake, Colombo, Sri Lanka
7. Anantha KN, Bangalore

There were a lot of excellent nominations that i would also have loved to award apart from the above. There are some people who i very much miss here. Due to limited awards, we could only award the above people.

The award process is a very stringent one driven not only by one but selection panel of various groups.

Congratulations to the one who made it and best of luck for the next time to the others who couldn't.

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Naveen K S said…
I couldn't make it :-(...

Varadarajan S said…
Me too :-(

Congrats to the geeks who made it this time!!!

Will hope for next time..:)

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